Our office is excited to announce we are now offering a Convenient Uncontested Online Divorce at a lower price. This service is an additional service that we are offering to our clients. This service shall be by email only. Our office will walk you through the procedure step by step. Our office is only a phone call away. We will continue to offer our divorce and bankruptcy related issues as listed in the Divorce and Bankruptcy Section of our website.

Disappointed By Other Services?

Many clients come to us after being disappointed by other online services. We are a “local service” that is here to assist you along the way. When you’re looking for a local service and not just a call-center, we are the place to call. (916) 944-8898. You won’t be disappointed!

The difference with our additional service for the Convenient Uncontested Online Divorce, is that we are not in another state and if the client feels the need to come into our office we are here in Carmichael.

This service will also assist in where for some reason you just want the convenience of not coming to our office, the online option is there if you prefer at a lower fee. Our office has laid out the step by step procedures of what is needed. Simply click on Convenient Online Divorce under Divorce at the top of this page for in depth answers.

This service is an additional service due to client’s request. As mentioned in our section (Home Page of our site), we have been located in Carmichael for over 20-years.

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We also do Sacramento Area Divorces